Wednesday, February 10, 2010


From subzero temperatures and snow and ice to nice warm Hawaii. I'm enjoying it here so far, it's great to not have to put on seven layers of clothing just to leave the house! I could wish it were a little more metropolitan, and had a better transit system, but it's also nice to be in a more relaxed atmosphere for a while, instead of the major crowds of rushing people in the cities I've been living in. I haven't really met anyone here yet besides my cousins and a few of their friends, but hopefully that will change once I start working. I got a job at Armani Exchange that I'll be starting Monday; the people there seem pretty cool from what I've seen of them. I can't wait to start working, because 1. I need money and 2. I'm getting bored. My cousins are super busy finishing up with their school, so they're not doing anything besides studying and working.
Aside from all that, it's really great to not be teaching. My last job in Korea wasn't bad at all, but even so I'm so happy that I don't have to deal with teaching anyone anymore.
My one gripe: tipping! I had forgotten just how much tipping you have to do here in America. I miss not having to worry about that. Also: taxes not included on sticker prices. Why doesn't America include tax on sticker prices? It's not like it would be hard, and it's so much easier for the consumer. They do it everywhere else (not just Japan and Korea, but in Europe too; my friends who have been there have commented on it too).
Anyway I have to go get ready for another interview. Aloha!