Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Next stop Paris

In less than a week, I'll be off to Paris to start the European leg of my world tour! For now, I'm wondering how best to apportion my possessions into two (2) suitcases and a backpack. It's especially tough because (according to my all-knowing iphone) the weather in France is being extremely erratic. In this week alone the high temperature has ranged from 60 to 85. That's a huge difference, and I don't know whether to pack more summer clothes or more fall, or even winter! If I get over there with a bunch of sweaters and long sleeved shirts, will the temperature suddenly decide to stay in the 80s for a bit? Is winter going to come early, leaving me wishing I'd brought heavier jackets? Who knows! Thanks, Paris weather!

Other than that, I'm fairly excited since I've never been to Europe before. It'll be totally different from anything I've experienced so far! I'm sure Parisians can't be any more rude than Koreans, so at least there's that... and there's no way the metro can be any more crowded than the morning rush or the last train on a Friday night in Tokyo... Anyway I'll find out for myself soon enough what French life is like. At the very least it should be interesting.

I'll try to take more pictures and post them up here, but no promises.