Tuesday, March 11, 2008

My Fridge!

Check out my tiny fridge! Isn't it cute? Well, kind of drab actually... I looked for other colors but all they had was grey. Oh well, it's the perfect size for me anyway. That pink bag next to it is non-burnable garbage that I think should go out on Thursday... have to double check that. I should post a picture of the garbage schedule next; separate days for burnable, non-burnable, papers, PET bottles, glass bottles, and hazardous items (like broken glass etc). No dumpster to just toss it all into whenever, and it's frowned upon to leave garbage in the little wire cage designated for it (to keep the crows from attacking) more than just the night before. If we didn't have that little cage, it wouldn't even be the night before, it would have to be the day of so that the crows wouldn't get in and make a mess.
And you get a bonus, too - the inside of my fridge! Nothing terribly exciting, just some apples, an orange, leftover pasta (I can have leftovers again! whoo), eggs, yogurt, green peppers, part of a red pepper, carrots, and some leftover store-bought mabodofu (which is this spicy tofu dish that I've become rather fond of since I've been here). On the arm is orange juice, coffee, and pasta sauce.
Then finally, a picture of the storage unit I just bought from this place in Shinjuku. It's a household goods store, and everything in the place is 1050. It borders another store that sells smaller goods for 300. Unfortunately everything in the smaller store seems to be decorated with cutesy hearts and rubber ducks. No thank you. I can probably pick up the same sort of things at a 100 yen store anyway.


Desiree said...

aw, no freezer? But that does seem to be a good size! Perfect for a college kid too. I'm so proud that...that you have an orange. :cry: How goes the fork hunting?

...wait why are you using a fork, shouldn't you be using chopsticks?

Anonymous said...

Cool fridge. You will definetly need to share the garbage schedule. Love, Mom

tom and sandy said...

Sarah, Love the fridge!! So many good healthy things in there! I'm proud of you! Although Uncle Tom looked over my shoulder just now and thought I was crazy to be reading a blog about the inside of someone's refrigerator :) Are you getting ready to stock up for your parents' arrival in 2 weeks?? I think they are pretty excited to both see you and see Japan - this is a miracle for your dad to agree to leave the USA at all. And I'm proud of my little brother Joey!!He's going on an adventure - fabulous!! Aunt Sam