Thursday, April 16, 2009


We started off the day at Ueno by eating some massive crepes. These things were seriously gigantic; mine was strawberry and kiwi, and there was also custard and whipped cream and a little chocolate straw and a wafer and a piece of sponge cake. They gave you a little spoon to help you eat it because it was so big. None of us could even actually finish one, lol.
There's a little shrine at Ueno park with a balcony area with a nice view of the cherry blossoms below. This thing was a little statue that you poured water over for luck, then afterwards got a little cup of sweetened green tea.
Here we all are standing at the edge of the balcony area; you can see some of the cherry blossoms behind us and the lanterns strung along to light the park up for nighttime picnics.
Here we are at a table for lunch; there was an area set up with food vendors and picnic tables for people who hadn't managed to grab a space under the trees. I took this picture with my camera trying to get us all in the shot, which is why it's at an odd angle and our heads are cut off a little, lol. We had yakisoba and ikayaki for lunch (fried noodles and fried squid. festival food vendors are always very healthy here; other options were takoyaki (fried octopus balls) and okonomiyaki (sort of a japanese pancake fried and made with all sorts of stuff in it); 'yaki' basically means 'fried' and almost all the food was a variation on that theme, haha).
Anyway that's it for now; I still have some more pictures so I may do another post. I went to Chidorigafuchi and Nakameguro as well as Shinjuku Gyoen and Ueno park, but I haven't uploaded the Chidorigafuchi or Nakameguro pictures to my computer yet.


Anonymous said...

I liked the post Sarah. Keep them coming!

Anonymous said...

Very interesting, Sarah! So glad you explained the food to us, too. Yes, keep writing and also posting pictures, OK? They are so interesting. The cherry blossoms are just beautiful....-Aunt Sam