Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Pictures from Tsushima

Some pictures from the trip I went on to Tsushima, a Japanese island only about three hours from Korea by ferry. It was super fun and pretty. We went biking, kayaking, swimming at the beach, camping. I had some delicious sushi, and was v. happy. Japanese style sushi is kind of hard to find in Korea, and I'd been craving it! We watched the sunrise from out our hotel window on the second night, and then had a traditional Japanese breakfast of rice, fish, pickled radish, kinpira, a hard-boiled egg, and green tea. It was a nice break from all the super spicy food in Korea. Also, it is official that I like Japanese food way more than Korean food.
The exchange rate was in my favor like woah when I exchanged my yen; 70000 yen turned into over 900000 won. That should last me until I get paid, lol.


Anonymous said...

I like it.


Anonymous said...

grandma writes: great to hear from you again! enjoy your new home.

Anonymous said...

Sarah, Loved your pictures! You are certainly having some fun experiences! Kayaking looks like fun!

Why do you like Japanese food more than Korean?

Post some pictures of your new neighborhood and/or apt. in Seoul, OK? Love, Aunt Sam

Sarah said...

Korean food is too spicy! I can't eat a lot of it because it burns my tastebuds off : p Japanese food is delicious without relying on a ton of spice.

Denyala said...

I miss you! I'm glad you're having fun on Korea!