Thursday, April 29, 2010

North Shore (and others)!

I took a circle island tour today in order to see as much as possible before I leave tomorrow (!) It was super fun, the guide was funny and the people were cool for the most part. Now I can officially say that I've been to Kailua and the North Shore, woo! It's not winter anymore so the waves were not so impressive at Waimea Bay and Sunset Beach, but it was still pretty cool. I definitely want to go back in the wintertime and see the surfers tackling giant waves, though. I had the opportunity, why oh why did I wait so long to make it up there?! Well, I know why; it was a combination of not having a license and so not able to rent a car (license is now found though, yay! it was hiding in a bag of cosmetics, of all things), not wanting to take a bus for three hours, and always either working or feeling run down from working and as such not really wanting to make much effort beyond walking the block down to Waikiki beach. Sigh. I want to come back here on a pure vacation, no stress or worrying about work! I've done the local thing, now I want to be a tourist.
Anyway the only pictures I have access to right now are the ones of pineapples that I took with my phone after my camera battery died. After I charge up the battery and transfer the pictures to my computer I'll post the rest (there are a lot, Hawaii is so scenic!).
Anyway, enjoy the pineapples, lol.


Or not. It appears my internet connection is not up to posting pictures at the moment. It is so fickle! ちょ~~むかつく!!

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