Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Machida, mochi, and sushi, oh my

Today I went to a sushi-train restaurant in Machida with one of my roommates. It's this little restaurant where everyone sits around a circular bar, and there's a little conveyor belt that goes around and you pick the sushi you want off the conveyor belt. There's a couple sushi chefs in the middle replenishing what the customers take. The price is based on the color of the plate; something on a pink plate might be 100 yen, 150 yen on a yellow plate, etc. Then the final bill is determined by how many plates of what color you have after you're finished. It was pretty good, and not too expensive in the end.
We also stopped by the new department store that just opened up there, in order to pick up some mochi cream. Mochi is rice that's been pounded together into a soft, gooey texture; it's traditional to have mochi at new year's here. Mochi cream is flavored mochi with a cream filling inside. I picked up a blueberry one and a green tea one; my roommate got melon and strawberry flavors. They were really good, but soooo rich.
I also saw this really cute pair of ankle boots while we were poking around this one store; I might get them once I get paid, because I kind of need another pair of fall shoes. The vast majority of my shoes are sandals, but it's getting too cold to wear sandals anymore.
We should be getting internet in another couple weeks, so I'll hopefully be able to be online more and maybe post some pictures and stuff as well.


tom and sandy said...

Sarah, We are SO related!!! I was just thinking today that "I kind of need another pair of fall shoes" and ankle boots are on sale here now and they are SO CUTE!! (When the temperature starts dropping, it's not right to keep wearing sandals everyday). I was going to go out this weekend and get a pair, too....Can't wait for the pictures of your new purchases!! Aunt Sam

Desiree said...

Omg I love mochi ball things! You would never think that something made of rice could be that sweet, but dang it is. My personal favorite is strawberry. :> Its so hard to find here though, I've only found a steady supply of sesame and peanut ones. (are they considered a different food if they have a non-fruit filling?)

Take pictures of the stores, I want to see the high fashion and shopping life of japan!