Sunday, September 30, 2007

Roppongi Hills

I went out last night with my roommates and the guys upstairs to a club in Roppongi. It was really cool, the club was on the 57th floor of the building and there were giant windows everywhere, so you got a FANTASTIC view of Tokyo all lit up at night. Unfortunately I don't have any pictures, though : (
I finally had some sushi here, too - last night after work I went out with one of my coworkers to this little sushi restaurant right there in Sagamihara. It was pretty good, although I wasn't terribly adventurous; I just stuck to egg, eel, salmon, shrimp, and eggplant tenpura. James went for some octopus and squid, but I pretty much will only eat octopus in small, well-cooked quantities, and squid if it is calamari. I went out for drinks and appetizers the other day with a couple other coworkers at TGI Friday's (there's actually one right in Machida - I was surprised, I thought they were just an American chain) and had some delicious calamari.
This post will be fairly short because all this talk of food is making me hungry. I think I'm going to go run to the grocery store and pick something up to eat.
Tomorrow I'll be working at the Tsurukawa branch, which is much closer than Sagamihara. I think it's a pretty small branch, so hopefully it'll be fairly organized and not as crazy as Shibuya was.
The weather here got really cold overnight it seems. A couple days ago it was hot as ever, and now it's cold and rainy.


Anonymous said...

57th floor? How was the elevator ride? Did the TGIF have the same menu as a US store?

tom and sandy said...

Sarah, Your sushi restaurant sounded fun but I'm with you about not trying any squid sushi!!I also think the 57 floors sounded pretty scary! Some day soon I would like to hear about a karaoke night out and see a few pictures, OK? (We are enjoying hearing about your experiences...) Take care - Aunt Sam