Friday, November 30, 2007


I'll be picking up the key to my new apartment tomorrow, and hopefully I'll start moving in tomorrow as well. My friend's friend has a car, and hopefully will help me out a bit so I don't have to move everything by train! I should really be starting to pack, but I'm sooo exhausted right now. I need to hang my laundry too, ugh.
The company that bought out Nova is finally putting things in motion, and there was an information session the other day where we could sign up for employment for the new company and also, more importantly, sign up for a salary advance. So hopefully I'll actually have some money in my account sometime soon! That'll be a novelty. I really hope I get it soon though, because I'm going to need to buy some stuff for my new apartment, and also I want a warmer coat. I got a pair of (really cheap) earmuffs today, so my ears at least should be toasty now when I venture outside! There's this great store in Shibuya that has all sorts of really cheap stuff. It's not a hundred-yen shop, but everything is sooo cheap. It may not be the highest quality stuff, but when you need something quick on a budget it's fantastic. I meant to pick up some socks there too, but I totally forgot.
That's about it for news... and besides Project Runway just finished downloading so I'm going to go watch that instead of packing! More updates to follow if anything noteworthy happens before I move.

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Anonymous said...

Boy some of the Project Runwqay stuff this time was..well..just bad. Glad you got earmuffs. Now for socks!!