Saturday, November 3, 2007

We have internet!

We finally have internet! I've been online talking with people and surfing the web all day, haha.
So I'm going in to sign a contract with Gaba tomorrow, then I'm training for three days after that. After training, I'll start actually working there. I'm still looking for other jobs as well though, since Gaba doesn't pay for transportation or find housing for you or anything. Housing shouldn't be too much of a problem though, there are guest houses all over the place that are fairly cheap and that you can just rent by the month. I'm going to stay here through November though, I think, although circumstances may change at any moment.
I met up with a guy yesterday to do a language exchange - teach english in exchange for some japanese. It's very informal, just some chatting over coffee. He was pretty cool (and very stylish!), so we'll probably try to meet up again next weekend. It's a pretty good way to get some conversation practice in, for both parties. I need to try to get some more intensive practice in, it's too easy to get by with only English here.
I bought a cord that I thought would let me transfer pictures from my phone to my computer, but I guess it was the wrong type because it didn't work. Next time I'm in Machida I'll try to exchange it for a different one. So no pictures yet, sorry.
I'm sure I had other things to talk about, but I definitely can't remember any right now. I can post more regularly now that we have steady internet though!

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Joe and Karen said...

Glad to hear you have internet. Hope to see more blogs soon. Also glad you're getting to practice your Japanese.