Friday, December 21, 2007

Being a tourist, after three months

So in the last two weeks I've seen more of Tokyo and done more touristy things than in the entirety of the three months I've been living here, probably. Last week one of my friends went back home to England, so in the two days before he left we hung out and did some stuff, including going to the bar from Lost in Translation. It was a little smaller than we were expecting, but the view was AMAZING. I took pictures which I can't post yet... hopefully I'll be able to within the next couple weeks though. At the bar, I started talking with this guy who turned out to be visiting from Amsterdam. We hit it off so I spent the next couple days being a tourist with him. We went over the Rainbow Bridge into Odaiba, which I had never done before. Odaiba was great though, there was actually a beach there, and another fantastic view. There was also a store that had the turquoise kettle I wanted! Score! I tried to take some pictures of the Rainbow Bridge and Tokyo Tower from the observation deck, but my camera is on its last legs and didn't quite capture it very well. I'll try to post the pictures anyway though. We also took some purikura pictures. You can choose all your own sparkles and glitter and accessories, and it's soooo high school girl but totally fun anyway. Then today I went to Ikebukuro Nishiguchi Kouen, or Ikebukuro West Gate Park as it's known in my favorite Japanese TV show. It was also smaller than I expected, but I walked around and took pictures like the fangirl I am ^^ Afterwards I went on a quest to see some illuminations. Tokyo is decorated to the nines with Christmas lights, but some areas are more extravagant than others. I went to see the Shinjuku Southern Lights and the Takashimaya illumination circus, and they were pretty awesome. I also went to Tokyo Midtown in Roppongi, which had an entire field of lights as well as avenues of lit-up trees. Marunouchi is supposed to have some great lights as well, but I probably won't make it over there before Christmas is over. Apparently here in Japan, Christmas decorations go down the minute Christmas is over, unlike in America where they might stick around until mid-January.


Anonymous said...

This being a tourist sounds pretty fun. Love, Mom

Dee said...

Merry Christmas Cera!