Wednesday, December 26, 2007


Check it out! Finally I can post pictures again! This post is going to be short because I need to get to sleep - I'm working tomorrow, so I need to be up fairly early. Just wanted to get this up because SOME people seemed to think that it would never happen! : p Anyway, these four are me at Tokyo Beach in Odaiba, the view of Rainbow Bridge from Odaiba, a view of Shinjuku out the window of the bar from Lost in Translation (it's on the 52nd floor, I think - it's a fantastic view, this picture doesn't do it justice), and me, my friend Matt, and Jack, the guy from Amsterdam we met at that same bar. This is it for now, but look for another post soon with even MORE pictures! I've got some of my new apartment, and a bunch of the Christmas lights from Shinjuku and Tokyo Midtown. Time to sleep now, though.


Anonymous said...

Yay, for pictures! SOME people will just need to believe now I guess.

Desiree said...

These were clearly photoshopped!