Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Home decor

Now that I have some money again, I've been doing some shopping for my apartment. I still don't have a refrigerator - I want to get one used but I have to figure out how to transport a used fridge, since most sellers don't offer a delivery service. So I went looking around - the cheapest new fridge I've found was around 30 000, which is a bit more than I really want to pay. I'm sure there are other places to look though, that might offer smaller and cheaper. I got a bathmat, and some cute blue bowls, and a frying pan, and the Japanese equivalent of a Swiffer today though. I was going to get this awesome turquoise tea kettle, but when I went back in to pick it up after deciding to fork over the 3000, it was gone! So no tea kettle for me. Tomorrow I'm going to try to run back to Yodobashi to get one of those hot water heater/dispenser things instead. It's kind of fun to do all this home shopping, since I've never lived by myself before I've never really had complete control of the decor and everything.


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Desiree said...

Now that you're settled for awhile, what's your address?