Friday, September 21, 2007


Today before work I went to Akihabara with one of the guys I work with, it was pretty fun. I picked up this awesome dictionary for my DS; I was going to just pick up a regular book-form dictionary, but James showed me this DS thing and it's pretty awesome. You can look up unfamiliar kanji by using the touch stick to just draw it right on the screen, and you can use it both ways - look up the English or Japanese definitions of a word, or look up the Japanese word for an English word or vice versa. I'm very happy to have a dictionary again, my Japanese should come along much better now. I looked at digital cameras as well, and I think I might go ahead and get one once I finally get paid. Mine has been acting up, it's probably time for a new one. My phone actually takes pretty good pictures, but I don't know if I can get pictures from my phone onto my computer.
While we were in Akihabara we saw this guy (a Westerner) dressed up as this anime character, actually leading a guided tour through the district. It was pretty funny, people were actually following them around taking pictures. Oh! and I ate takoyaki again for the first time since I've been here. It was better this time, although it probably won't become a regular staple of my diet, haha.
I also had Dr Pepper for the first time since arriving here! You almost never see Dr Pepper in vending machines or at grocery stores here, I was beginning to think that it didn't exist in Japan. But no, there was some in Akihabara! Right there in the vending machine! I hadn't had soda in general here in Japan in forever because all I've seen has been Coke and Pepsi, neither of which I particularly like. It's probably a good thing, it's not like soda is the healthiest of drinks, but it was kind of nice to have some good old-fashioned sugar and carbonation.
I saw one of those sushi-train restaurants in Machida while I was wandering around, so my roommates and I might head down there at some point to try it out. I still haven't eaten any sushi here, since I'm kind of wary as to what might be in it.
Anyway, that's it for now; gotta get up far too early tomorrow in order to be at work on time so I should get to bed soon.


tom and sandy said...

Sarah, Refresh my memory on what is "takoyaki"?? (eel or octopus?) Also, what exactly is a "sushi-train restaurant"? We're enjoying your blog!! Aunt Sam

Anonymous said...

Soon we will have to learn Japanese to read your blogs!! What is takoyaki? Keep writing though. Love reading them. Grandma

Anonymous said...

I found recipes for takoyaki, all of them had scallions in them. That must be why you are not so keen on them. Onions, blah! Mom