Saturday, September 8, 2007

Internet, finally!

So my apartment is currently without internet, and the town I`m living in doesn`t seem to have an internet cafe, so I haven`t been able to post to this thing. I probably won`t be able to post with any regularity until we get our internet back, either. I`m currently at an internet cafe in Shibuya, and I think my hour is almost up so this will be a short post. I start training tomorrow here in Shibuya, then on Friday I start regular work at Sagamihara. My roommates are both really friendly and cool, I`ve gone out to dinner with them a couple times and yesterday I went to Shinjuku with one to pick up some stuff for my room. The sheets that came with my futon were mismatched and ugly, so I had to pick up some new ones, and also a mirror and some storage. The town I`m living in is tiny, but we`re pretty close to some bigger places and only a half hour train ride from central Tokyo. There are some other Nova people living in the same apartment building as us, I met a couple the other day. We`re all planning on going to karaoke Monday evening, that should be fun. Um, I guess that`s all for now... I`ll probably think of something else the minute I leave the cafe, haha. Anyway, it may be a couple more weeks before I post again, but I just wanted to let everyone know I haven`t dropped off the face of the earth!


Anonymous said...

But what about the shoes? Glad you were finally able to get on the internet. Mom

aunt sam said...

Sarah, You were in Shibuya and you didn't shop?? Not even for just one little pair of shoes?... Give us some news on your shopping adventures next time, OK? So glad to hear things are going well for you. We'll be waiting for your next post!

Corinne said...

Did you see Kame in Shibuya? If so, did you spit at him for me?