Monday, September 24, 2007


Takoyaki is the octopus; it's basically diced octopus rolled in this special breading and fried into balls. Yum yum, right? It actually tastes okay, although unagi (eel) is better.
I went out last night with most of my branch to this all-you-can-drink izakaya right there in Sagamihara; it was like five minutes from the school. Almost everyone was there, including the staff; I think we were only missing like two people. We were in a tatami room, so we actually all had to take our shoes off in the entranceway and put them in these little cubbies. The place provided slippers, but most of us just went up barefoot. We were at this really low table with cushions on the floor to sit on and a hole underneath so you can stretch your legs. It was pretty fun.
Another new Nova guy just moved in next door to us, I ran into him yesterday on my way home. He's actually training at Shibuya this week; he's going to a branch that's closer than Sagamihara, though.
I'm off tomorrow, yay! I might head back up to Harajuku; or I might see if there's a Tully's anywhere in Mukougaokayuen (the next stop up from Ikuta). The one in Machida is really nice, it's pretty big and there are tables and cushy chairs all around, and the coffee is pretty good. Oh and when I was there the other day the guy behind the counter was really cute ^.~
I STILL have not done karaoke, but it turns out a couple guys at my branch are into it, so I might try to go out with them at some point.


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tom and sandy said...

Sarah, Can't wait for your blog about karaoke with the guys from your branch!! With pictures, I hope!! And I bet this occasion calls for some new shoes,too,right?.... And thanks for including the meanings of some of these Japanese words in your blog - much appreciated! Aunt Sam