Monday, September 17, 2007


So I just discovered that I can pick up an internet signal on my balcony! It's not very strong, but it gets the job done. I might run down to Yodobashi tomorrow to try to figure out getting our own internet... it's kind of hit or miss whether or not there'll be an English speaker there but since I got a commuter pass, might as well use it. Man those things were expensive. I kind of want to change branches to somewhere closer, but apparently you have to wait until the end of probation to ask for any sort of changes, be it a branch change or a schedule change or a shift swap or whatever. Bah.
I'm planning on heading to Shibuya again on Wednesday with a girl from my branch, so hopefully I'll be able to actually get my traveler's checks changed then as well. I've got tomorrow and Wednesday off, yay. No hour commute for me for two days, whoo. I haaaate the long commute to my branch, but I like the branch well enough, so I guess by the time my probation's up I'll have decided whether or not I want to put in for a transfer to a new branch or not.
Speaking of commuting, I've become so Japanese on the trains. I sit down (or stand, as the case may be), pull out my phone, and browse the internet, haha. I can't access regular PC sites without major fees so I can't, for instance, blog on the train, but there are plenty of mobile sites that I can poke around on instead.
I'm getting bit by mosquitos here, so I think I'm going to head back inside now. Hopefully I'll be able to pick up this signal again tomorrow!

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corinne said...

Doko was in New York City for a week just a few days ago, and I only found out after he left.

Why are all of my best chances FOILED.