Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Shoes, this time!

Did I forget to mention in my last post the shoes I bought in Harajuku? What an oversight! They were only a thousand yen, or roughly ten bucks - I couldn`t resist! They`re these cute strappy backless silver and blue sandals, and there was only one pair left that just happened to be my size. I`d post a picture, but I`m still internet-less, unfortunately. I`m back at the internet cafe in Shibuya that`s right across from the building I`m traning in. Training has been going fairly well; all the people are pretty nice and the job isn`t really too difficult. My fellow trainees are pretty cool too; they`re both Canadian, and both pretty friendly. One actually lives pretty close, he`s in the Tama area as well, and I think he`ll also be working in the Sagamihara branch.
For lunch today I went with both of them to this place where you got a ticket from a vending machine with what you wanted to eat, then you gave the ticket to a waitress and she brought your food out. It`s a pretty convenient system, and the food was actually pretty good. We were sitting near this Japanese guy who wanted to practice his English on us, so we were all talking with him in this mixture of broken English and Japanese. It was pretty cool.
I`m going to try to pick up a cell phone on Thursday; apparently there`s a place here in Shibuya that has English-speaking staff, so I`m probably going to go there. I want to get a phone with internet on it; apparently most models and plans include internet anyway. I heard that it can take up to a month to get internet sorted out for an apartment, so phone internet would at least be better than nothing.
That`s it for now; I might come back here again tomorrow, we`ll see. It`s open pretty late it seems, so stopping by after work shouldn`t be a problem. I`ll have to try to find a different cafe in Sagamihara once I start there.


Desiree said...


It sucks about internet, but you seem to be having a good time. I'm glad no japanese men killed you and made off with you in the night.

Also, what did you eat? Are Japanese menus mostly noodle products? >_>

Desiree said...


Theres that website I kept meaning to give you btw. Please ignore the horrific place it's being hosted; it used to be on a much nicer host..

Corinne said...

You are going to need at least 2 more suitcases for shoes alone by the time you come home

And one for Koichi. Don't worry, he's only about 5'5". He can fit in one for me.

i cant wait for you to get internet

tom and sandy said...

Sarah, Great post!! I don't know which is more fascinating: the new shoes - "strappy blue and silver sandals" or the new Japanese guy wanting "to practice his English on us"!! Sounds like you are going to be busy between the great shoe shopping and the flirty Japanese guys!!(Not to mention the "friendly fellow trainees"......)

Anonymous said...

Cool..new shoes! How many are sitting at your front door?