Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Not a lot this time

So I don't actually have a lot to say in this post, but I figured I should take advantage of the internet while I have the chance. I finished training today, whoo. So now I've got tomorrow off, and then I'll start at my main branch on Friday. I will hopefully use tomorrow to both finally deposit my traveler's checks and get a cell phone. I'll probably get a Softbank one, just because it seems like almost all the Nova instructors use them. I think DoCoMo is more popular with Japanese people, but for now I'll probably be calling more Nova people than Japanese people. It seems like all the plans and phones are all pretty much the same anyway.
I've been too busy with training to buy anymore shoes... which is probably a good thing, haha. Gotta make my money last until I get paid! (Which means no Koichi poster for you yet, Corinne : p) It's a Johnnys paradise right now in Tokyo - Nagase is in the latest DoCoMo ads so he is EVERYWHERE, and Kinki Kids just put out a new single so they are all over the place as well.
Ummmm, I suppose that's it for now. Not much new has happened since yesterday, all I really did today was train. And get my bankcard. I'm so happy I got my bankcard. Anyway, I'll post again when I get a chance!

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Anonymous said...

What you have to wait to get new shoes?! Alas, what is a girl to do? Glad to hear you got a day off. Look forward to hearing about phone shopping. - Mom